Saturday, April 30, 2011

ultimate ice cream

If you are an ice cream lover, Ultimate ice cream has the absolute best!  They have some of the most interesting flavors I have ever tried! OK, this might sound strange, honey mustard ice cream, I was intrigued, so much so I bought a pint. Only after tasting it , yum,yum! The next taste I tried was a lemon-mint sorbet, an absolute must! So refreshing! I too, walked away with a pint of that.
Ultimate ice cream also does beautiful gelatos, yup I took home a pint of blueberry gelato. Just one more must haves lemon sorbet, talk about refreshing, thanks to Genevieve, I also took home a pint of that! Thankyou Genevieve!!!! I think!
I am NOT much of an ice cream person at all, John and Sophia are!
So you can imagine how scrumptious their ice creams are, all the freshest ingredients, they do not skimp on quality. Hence, taking home 4 pints of ice cream, gelato and sorbets!
I can't imagine those of you in Asheville not knowing about Ultimate.
They have two locations, one on Tunnel Rd and one on Charlotte St. Thankyou Ulitmate ice cream for a superb product.   Maggie


  1. wow maggie~ thanks so much for this info. i could NOT believe how delicious the honey mustard ice cream was....truth be told, i am eating spoonful after spoonful with pretzels as i sit and type this!!! gotta love the salty-sweet. also, the mint/lemon sorbet is like a refreshing mojito-lovers dream come true. looking forward to trying as many of these cool treats as i can throughout the hot carolina summer months. love to you ms maggie!! xoxox

  2. yes~wow! It is amazing, as you said today just simply serve it with a pretzel rod!!!
    So glad to share a new foodie thing with you! As you know I have such food envy with what you prepare!!! xxxx Maggie