Tuesday, February 22, 2011

can you believe????

Really? It is Feb 21st, and it is high 70's!
Our front porch is one of our favorite living spaces! The weather was perfect and just calling to come and sit  and sip on the perfect glass of pinot gris! That is exactly what we did! After a long work day , just to sit and breath ,  that ahhhhhhh....... at the end of the day.
I watched our daughter doing chalk on the sidewalk , loving the simplicity of her life, soaking it all in. I am eternally grateful! It's always the simple things....

Friday, February 18, 2011

 Isn't this a lovely place to walk into first thing in the morning? Bright and beautiful, very zen. I have been walking into this beautiful space for 14 years. I adore every minute I am here , My co-workers, are funny, talented, a joy to be around, another reason to smile as I open up and nestle in!
Thanks to Kelly, our receptionist, she keeps everyone happy! How truly lucky I am!
Mind you, I CANNOT wait to be home in the kitchen, cooking, for family and friends, sitting at the table for 2-3 hours(that's on the weekend!) Just soaking in the laughter and joy of being together with people we love, people who bring all that warmth!
My other place to play!!!!! Enjoy each and every moment ~ it all goes by tooooo fast.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I love all the things in this picture of what is to be!
Organic broccoli, carrots, spinach. The star of the dinner was lemon sole.
When I went to the fish market, I thought lemon sole was something that they did to it. The fish person told me it was called lemon sole because of the color of the sole. Hmmmmm..... I've been gone from New England too long I guess. And yes, we have fabulous fish in the south! Thanks to committed fisherpeople (gotta be politically correct, I guess) we DO have FRESH seafood!
Sooooooo.... that being said, I simply steamed the broccoli and the carrots, and wilted the spinach. The most wonderful of all was the poached fish, poached in white wine, garlic fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, salt & pepper, served on top of wilted spinach. I almost forgot, brown basmati rice to add to the pretty mix! So fresh and so easy .
As always put together in just a short amount of time. There were many different things to do with the veggies, but I wanted clean and simple! Our daughter, Sophia, said she "didn't mean to complain, but on a scale of 1-10 this was a 2 1/2 on her list." That was before dinner, she ate every bite!
The FYI is because I am NOT a photographer, the after pictures were not as pretty as the before!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

white bean chicken chili

I know, I know ! I often talk about how much I adore most everything about food, but what's not to love?
This dish is simple and easy, yes , I say that alot too! Trust me though, it is.
Chicken chili with grated cheese, a dollop of creme fraiche, topped with any salsa that you love! Yummy right???
Just let me know if you would like the recipe!
                                        Warmly, Maggie