Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ahhh.... France

It's amazing the simple beauty you find just wandering the streets.

Avignon is full of beauty!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shhhh...... I will kiss and tell!

Who says the French are not friendly? They are very friendly, trust me!!!!

where to begin!

If you have never had a french macaroon, you are in for a treat! Where did we begin in Paris? Why with dessert first! These little treats are so beautiful, so divine beyond words. As you can see one has to taste every little one! Aren't they so beautiful? Rather weren't they so beautiful? This is only the beginning! Just wait! You will be booking a flight straight away! I know that next year we will go back , John will run the Paris marathon and I will be running to the closest patisserie! Wouldn't you???? Ahhh.... reason to travel, food!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Food and fun in the city of lights

France is more spectacular than I ever imagined, especially for a foodie like me. The freshest of ingredients, the most inventive preparation and spectacular presentation make this a foodie paradise.

Today I went to the Place D'Aligre market in the 12th arrondissement. Table after table overflowing with the freshest fruits and vegetables, fish mongers hawking treasures from the sea and vendors proudly handing out samples. Sweet, juicy mango's, so succulent, so sweet! Ahhh, heaven. Melons, brightly flavored-a bit of summer in my mouth.

A stop in the marche du formage converted me from a "stinky cheese" avoid-ee, to a stinky cheese lover-can you say "epoise" boys and girl? The same shop carried hand cured meats, fresh eggs and mousse au chocolate. Not to be outdone, the chocolatier next door stocked dragges, "tablets" (light or dark) studded with dried fruits and gelee's-made from super concentrated exotic fruits.

Of course the daily baguette was de-riguer, as was the glass (or 2) of red.

Coming up...the best restaurant in Avignon...stay tuned.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


It has been a LONG time since I've blogged.... ooops, so sorry. I will be traveling to Paris and the south if France. Sounds fun right????
I am leaving my family behind ( just for a short time) and meeting my friend Jackie there! We have been friends for over 30 tears, she is hilarious , so imagine the fun we will have. Jackie told me she spoke fluent French , well sort of , with the exception of telling someone her husband was horney!!! How Jackie messed up on that was beyond me! She. Just laughs at herself and moves on. Should I be worried?
I look forward to blogging upon my return, oooooh, just think of the food! I can't wait!