Monday, November 7, 2011


As usual I was short on time. Yup , my turn to do dinner, which I love, because it's playtime for me.
Even though there was not that much time to prepare, it had to be healthy and quick. So here is what I did. I sauteed lots of fresh garlic, added chickpeas, then added fresh kale and let it saute until the kale was tender. I then cooked the pasta, drained it , drizzled really nice olive oil over it, tossed the kale and chickpeas over it , and sprinkled fresh parmesean over all. For a little heat, I added crushed red peppers to it .
Granted it was a no frills dinner, but it was quick, healthy and yummy!

No, this is not Paris!

O.K. As I told you about the Vita-Mix, we are having so much fun with it!
With just a few minutes before I head off to an appointment, I decided I would make a carrot, orange, ginger drink. It was so goooood!
Yet, one of my dearest friends, Jackie, let me know, that she is in Paris, eating french macaroons. Damn. It made my healthy quick lunch, seem oh so healthy and boring.
You better believe if I was in Paris, I would be eating the most buttery croissants that I could find! I would not be so rude to ask for a carrot juice infused with a bit of kale! How American would that be of me.... So here we are in lovely Asheville N.C. enjoying our very lovely new toy, the vita-mix!
Jackie, bring back some macaroons please!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A whole new love!

I've heard about the Vita-mix, but didn't quite "buy" it , no pun intended, until I saw it action! I am so very excited about it! You think a blender does the work, it is nothing compared to the vita-mix!
Our family went to see for the 3rd time a demonstration at whole foods market, because the guy showing us all the things you can so easily make in this machine is beyond amazing!
My husband made a shake today with grapes, pineapples, apples, kale (yes kale) and dates, add some ice and you have the most decedent drink! You don't even taste the kale. All raw, all organic, not to mention delicious!
I hate to admit this, but I am not a breakfast person, but a healthy shake , after my coffee of course, is sooooo de-lish.
It's worth checking it out. We are having fun playing with different recipes!