Thursday, April 7, 2011

this is what I know

this is what I know about this dessert, a friend Kristine, told me about this simple dessert, she thinks it came from the food network, I tried to find it everywhere so that I could give credit, where credit is do! No luck, Sooooo, I did what Kristine told me to do. I bought, yes bought puff pastry, I am not a baker, to precise for me,so with that, cook the puff pastry until it looks like this. Let it cool. Put mascarpone in a bowl and add vanilla, though, next time I might add some almond flavor to it , and simply topped with lovely berries! Sprinkle confectionate sugar over berries.
If you have a sous-chef , as I do, they can give it a winter appearance!


  1. Those berries are beautiful! Bless the farmers who grew them, the hands that picked them, and the people who helped deliver them to us! I could save all my Weight Watcher points for a week and have a slice :)

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  3. Hi Barbara! So glad you enjoyed the movie, I loved it as well! Hope to see you in your studio soon! xxx Maggie