Monday, April 11, 2011

straight from south africa!

My dear friend Anne and co-worker, went to Cape Town , South Africa and brought back this wonderful gift, one to swoon over. Chili chutney olive spread/tapenade..... At first I thought , hmmmmm, olive chutney, what can I add to jazz it up, and before you know it I was moaning over this spicy, somewhat sweet treasure.
This chutney was one of the most divine, and I do mean divine chutneys that I have ever had. I warmed up some great crusty bread , rubbed with fresh garlic  and slathered the chutney on the bread! A salad and a lovely glass of wine and call it dinner!
I can't help it, just the name, Darling Olives, isn't that sweet?  Lucky me with such a thoughtful friend!

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