Sunday, April 24, 2011

the real deal!

 This was our week, work, play practice, for the performance of "Beauty and the Beast". All very time intensive to say the least! I was to put together something simple to have with other noshy food, beautiful summer wines. So that we as parents could eat before the production,  thanks to our friends, planning ahead , getting couples together, feeding the children, and the dads off to drive the children off to the play! The Mums could linger a bit longer.
So , immediately I got home from work put together this lovely platter, 3 different cheeses, one of them my favs, blue castello, very mild, a fab parmesean, and a soft cheese of your choice. Add with that thin wafer crackers slathered with a fig and cocoa spread, DIVINE!
Had to pair those with organic red grapes and pretty green olives.
So quick , looks pretty , and everyone ohhhhddd and ahhhhhd.
Just a pretty presentation, and quality of the food get them (and me) everytime!

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