Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday ~ john's morning in the kitchen!

 Aren't these beautiful muffins? Sunday mornings in our home are wonderful.
John brings coffee to me in bed (he does that every morning ), but somehow Sunday mornings are more special because I can smell the muffins baking in the oven. I just smile knowing what is to come. And I am not even a breakfast person!
The thing that makes even more special is the fun I have listening to John and Sophia laughing together while enjoying their breakfast ! They are breakfast buddies!
Eventually I make it down, kiss them both, fill my mug with more beautiful french press coffee and off I go to read in the quiet. Of course, armed with the sunday new york times, and a stack of cookbooks.
John has had this recipe for years, so we are not sure of  where it came from. They are banana/blueberry/bran muffins made with ww flour.
If you'd like the recipe , just let me know!
Happy Sunday....

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  1. These look fabulous..that John is the bees knees. Miss you both and your little sweets..xo, Paula