Monday, June 20, 2011

weaverville yoga

This morning I went to the most wonderful yoga class at Weaverville Yoga. Barbara Schauer who owns the studio, is the most magnificent teacher. I cannot wait to take her class again. Do check it out , it is located right next door to the Well Bred Bakery!
One of Barbara's teachers Kelley Wolfe has this favorite quote I thought you all might appreciate.
"Yoga is a gift for older people. One who studies yoga in the later years gains not only health and happiness, but also freshness of mind since yoga gives one a bright outlook on life. One can look forward to a satisfying, more healthful future rather that looking back into the past. With yoga, a new life begins, even if started later. Yoga is a rebirth which teaches one to face the rest of one's life happily peacefully and courageously."    Geeta S. Iyengar                

Thankyou Barbara!             

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