Saturday, June 18, 2011

the best food ever!

Recently our family spent almost 2 weeks in Austin with my sister Sallie and Luu. There was never a reason to eat out because their cooking surpassed any place we could have eaten! ( Yes, Luu even the 1 restaurant we went to!)
Sallie made this wonderful cold eggplant dish, and just seemed to doctor it up with rice wine and other goodies, so simple, though I swear I would have to call her for exact instructions! She did the same thing with the bok choy. I should have sat there taking notes!
Luu made the most incredible halibut, I do know that it also had some rice wine vinegar, oil, sallions, garlic and ginger, and that was just the marinade.
When he was done perfectly sauteeing the fish, he then put scallions , more garlic and more ginger in the hot pan until they became crunchy then put them on top of the halibut, it was melt in your mouth. There was nothing else to do but moan! Thanks guys, still dreaming of food! xxxx

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