Monday, January 31, 2011

Words cannot explain this wonderful woman, my Mum. She died 1 year ago today, and do I ever miss her.
I had the priviledge of being a caregiver to her, listening to her stories, watching her laugh about her own stories! Feeding her good food ! I used go to their home on most weekends armed with bags of great food! I know my Dad would have preferred a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but when I cooked for them, he ate every bite!
It was joyful to be there with them, even when Mum said over and over ago, "Look at Mama cat!" I would just smile. Even when she said it 2 minutes later.
It wasn't about words, it was just about being there for both of my parents.
Truly, a magnificent woman. The BEST cook ever, a brilliant quilter, she raised chickens, sheep, goats, she did it all!
Yesterday, while cleaning up my daughters room , I found a slip of paper tucked away that read, Grandmom, you are free from pain, Love, Sophia She is 7 years old!  Today, she went to school with a little quilt my Mum made for her. I only noticed it as she put in her backpack without a word. That's what she chose for "show and share." I love that child! Thank goodness for my own family and our loving friends. I am cherishing my thoughts as they swirl around in my mind. We will celebrate her life tonight with , as you know a beautiful dinner! Thankyou Mum for everything! Your loving daughter, Margaret


  1. I am so blessed to have known your mom (there is something very special about mums named Helen!). And I am so grateful that you, John and Sophia are my family.I love you dearly.

  2. She sounds like such a wonderful woman...thinking of you!..Love, Paula

  3. maggie~ i so enjoyed reading this touching passage about your mum. how lucky we are to have loved ones that touch us so deeply and allow us to continue to share those lessons with others who cross our path. you are one of those people in my life and i feel so blessed call you a friend. thanks for all you do!