Thursday, August 25, 2011

wild rice casserole....

OMG! This is as easy as it sounds and looks, this recipe is from Heide Swanson's Super natural every day cookbook.
This recipe was so easy and so very lovely. For me, I always add more
garlic, and more herbs than a recipe calls for. I also used fresh tarragon
as opposed to thyme.
I sauteed greens with fresh garlic and chickpeas.  You know beans and
rice make a complete protein! Not to mention pretty on the plate! Before
the meal I served a squash soup, I cannot take credit for this one, our friend
Kristi, surprised us with beautiful soup!
So, picture this. squash soup, greens and chickpeas, with wild rice casserole.
Need a recipe , just let me know!  xx Maggie

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  1. it doesn't get any better than this! This is a beautiful picture! and yumm-o, it was amazing! the tarragon is what I was tasting but couldn't immediately recognize, WOW! Keep it up!