Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ready for graduation celebration!  Yes, to all of our friends who traveled so very far

to get our children in China, these lovely little girls know how much they are loved!

It seems like yesterday that we were together, hanging on together , doing our best to

let these beautiful little girls know they were safe with their new families!

Oh the time....


  1. Who is that young lady? She's so grown up! Congratulations on your graduation Miss cutie!

  2. She is such a beauty...can't believe our girls are so grown up now : )..Congratulations on your graduations sweet sweets...xo, Paula, Jon and Isabel

  3. Oh Paula, Yes, are girls ARE growing so quickly!
    I can hardly stand it.
    My heart is full thinking about a life-long friendship
    that we so quickly developed in China. I will forever cherish that. xxx Maggie John, Sophia