Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a minority i fear.....

Tonight we went out to dinner and I fear I am the in the minority .
I could not help but notice the friends and families dining together, actually sitting together with no conversation, except when they were texting or talking on their cell phones.
O.K. I understand we are all sooooo busy, but really ??? too busy to enjoy being present with your family or friends????
We recently had dinner with our friends, one of whom is a pediatric surgeon, even on call, he quietly leaves the table and goes in another room to talk and comes back to join us, and the conversation is right back to important stuff~food as Eric is a fabulous cook, and I'm sure would much rather talk about food than medicine!
I know I might be somewhat alone but  I don't think so though, I feel we owe it to ourselves, our family and friends ,our health to simply shut the phone off, take a break and be present..... Enjoy.... Breathe.... Tuck your day away.....


  1. Hi Barb, It is exactly as I emailed you. Let me know...

  2. Maggie, I am right with you. Over the past three weeks I have been participating in a mindfulness meditation group with some of our students. This week we focused on mindful eating. The leader had each of us take a spoonful of dried fruits and nuts. She asked us to pick up a piece of fruit and look at it. She encouraged us to admire its uniqueness and beauty. Next we put it in our mouths and took our time chewing it. Our leader encouraged us to think: who picked this fruit? where was it grown? how did it make it to our table? We talked and expressed gratitude to all those hands that moved it along. It was quite amazing, especially done in a group. It made me aware of how seldom I savor my food. I thought about all the meals where I am distracted and not fully present with others. Gathering for a meal should be a sacred experience. And, slowing down takes practice. Slow food. Amen