Saturday, December 25, 2010


This hot cocoa is reason enough to go out to play in the snow, that's exactly what we did! Played in the snow and came back for some beautiful cocoa! Anything chocolate right?


  1. Hi Darling Friend! You're sooooo fresh, we have been waiting for you and Steve and the kids to come over! We feel like we've been stood up, The pork roast is in the oven, ready to be served with a Mustard-Orange Marmalade sauce, carrot souffle, kale steamed , then just a light drizzle of really fabulous olive oil over them , it doesn't stop there, another light drizzle of 25 year old balsamic vinegar on them as well, hmmmmm...... Did I intice you????? Love to all, Merry Christmas! xxxx Maggie

  2. Let it snow (and snow and snow). What a lovely gift of beauty and heavenly peace. It was wonderful being with our families of choice yesterday and the solitude today is divine. Maggie, I am so glad we were all able to make it to Glen and Cindy's last evening. I would not have felt right without you guys. Beautiful meal in all respects. I am suppose to say something about food, right? How did Cindy get the turkey so moist?! We are snuggled in. I am knitting and watching the birds on the feeder. Love you...B

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