Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mum & Me , always lots of love

As you can imagine, this year brings up so very many things for all of us.
For me it is my Mum, and of course my Dad too!
The holidays, even thought it is our first holiday without Mum and Dad, it doesn't feel sadder, it just feels like it always does, a place where something is missing, though along with that empty place , it is filled with richness of my memories of them.
I came across this picture of my Mum and I , and I think she is smiling that sparkley eyed smile, not only because of her spirit, I'm a bit suspicious it is because , my Dad is cleaning up the kitchen after a lovely meal!
So many things to  be thankful for , I only wish all my blog readers knew them, hopefully you get a sense!
My heart is rich, with thoughts of them, and often times a tug from my past with them...... With grace and warmth to all during these special days!   Maggie

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