Sunday, February 5, 2012


Wow, life gets busy, so busy that I forgot, sort of, that I would be away. Though, I thought I could still blog. Then things happened, I left my computer, nook, and other things that I thought I couldn't live without..... for a bit, I was freaking out that I walked out of the house without these things, but realized that I'd be just fine! Breathe!
Ok , I was only in Austin, Tx for several days, but still-you know what I mean!!
Long story long, have some great food pics, my sister Sallie is a fabulous cook. My brother-in-law Luu, is Chinese, (his sauces should be bottled) so the combination of the food Sallie cooked, and the sauces that Luu made were to die for! OMG! Yep, that good!
Will nestle in after a sister trip and do my foodie blog! Thanks for your patience!
Just a reminder and a tease , we will be in France in April, imagine...... talk about food to die for!

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