Wednesday, January 11, 2012

pretty little packages!

We had dinner with our friends Domping and Jie, these beautiful dumplings are the best I have ever had. Even better than the ones we ate in China! Although, that said, I have not had my sister Sallie's dumplings YET! She is a brilliant cook , so perhaps I can persuade her to make some on my next visit to Austin! For those of you in Asheville or pretty close Domping is happy to make them for you, for a party, or just an authentic chinese meal. I adore our dinners with them, I'm spoiled now and cannot eat chinese food unless they are cooking! Just let me know if you are interested and he will be happy to make them for you. Totally organic, whether you want vegetarian, or meat. You will not be disappointed. He's alot of fun to watch in the kitchen. One of the happiest people I know! We are so grateful for them in our lives, especially for our daughter who has been learning chinese from Domping's wife Jie now for 6 years plus! Oh , this lovely dish below is baby bokchoy with tofu. Yum!

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