Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day and mulch!

Yummy, yes? Today on mother's day, I knew what was ahead of us..... 6 yards of mulch! I love working outside doing any kind of physical work, and work was exactly what John and I did!
It makes our garden even more divine!
We worked in the garden for about 5 hours, meanwhile, Sophia and her friend Ama played that whole time, in and out of the pool, playing chess, playing sorry, Sophia pretending she has a potters wheel, making eggcups out of clay.
John and I could hear them squealing together! Such a lovely sound!
I did take a break and made Sophia and Ama this pretty plate of dates and fruit . They ate rice noodles then continued on with lots more play! What a delightful day.
I did think of my Mum alot, and just smiled knowing she was in a better place, and that if I could go back and do anything differently, Iwould not , I adored every minute of her company! Don't get me wrong, I miss her very much....
I'm grateful for my life with my very own family!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

our garden!

Our garden has been a work in progress! We took out all our grass in our the front yard to create an "english cottage garden feel! It is divine ! Today our friends from Mantis Gardens came by with the most lovely plants in tow, plants that will be indigo blue, white peonies, orange poppies. Along our stone path are some tomatoe plants and basil as well! Soon,  as I'm filling up the bird bath, I will be picking a few tomatoes and basil, the only thing missing is fresh mozzarella! The sunshine and lovely weather add to the excitement.  Our dinners will all be on our front porch looking at this beautiful garden, mmmmmm........ welcome summer! Can you imagine what our garden will look like when things are in bloom? Just looking at it so lush, so full. Patience pays off! For those of you in Asheville or somewhat close, Mantis Gardens is amazing, they make it all look so easy!  Thankyou Aicha, Meesh, E.V. You're awesome!

Monday, May 2, 2011


This girl is a pro! Got a bulb of garlic? She will get the job done, and loves it! She also organizes the tupperware drawer, and willingly, I might add! I love my little sous-chef!

yum and more yum!

Our very dear friends/family, Domping and Jie, grow the most magnificent vegetables! We are the lucky recipients of this beautiful food!
Domping, adores cooking and is always willing to do so! Eating with Domping and Jie is chinese food that is to die for! I often times ask them to cook for us, with the promise of bringing a whole fresh  fish to the table, knowing that Domping knows exactly what to do for the perfect preperation! It is always so mouth-watering. Sigh....
By the way , if you do live in Asheville, Domping is always willing to show off his cooking skills and cook just for you! As a full time professor, I don't know where he gets his energy!

keeping it simple!

This simple frittata, is amazing. Short on time ? Aren't we all, fresh eggs on hand , lots of veggies, or maybe just a few? Easy, roast or saute what ever suits your fancy, whisk eggs, cream , cheese of your choice and bake until it looks somewhat like this! Serve with a salad and done!