Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day and mulch!

Yummy, yes? Today on mother's day, I knew what was ahead of us..... 6 yards of mulch! I love working outside doing any kind of physical work, and work was exactly what John and I did!
It makes our garden even more divine!
We worked in the garden for about 5 hours, meanwhile, Sophia and her friend Ama played that whole time, in and out of the pool, playing chess, playing sorry, Sophia pretending she has a potters wheel, making eggcups out of clay.
John and I could hear them squealing together! Such a lovely sound!
I did take a break and made Sophia and Ama this pretty plate of dates and fruit . They ate rice noodles then continued on with lots more play! What a delightful day.
I did think of my Mum alot, and just smiled knowing she was in a better place, and that if I could go back and do anything differently, Iwould not , I adored every minute of her company! Don't get me wrong, I miss her very much....
I'm grateful for my life with my very own family!

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  1. Hey Barb! Everything is all set for your visits! xxx Maggie