Thursday, October 27, 2011

short on time?

I feel like it's o.k. to make a dish more than once, even more than twice! Short on time, busy schedules sometimes just makes it easier  to make your "go to" dishes. What I find easy is to do are lots of vegetables especially seasonal veggies. Along with those of course, a protein or whatever you like!
Here I have made Heidi Swansons wild rice casserole, baked butternut squash, and swiss chard. Simple!
 This wild rice casserole recipe can be found in her cookbook Super Natural Everyday. It's a lovely cookbook! Check her out!
This autumn weather is a time for food that warms your soul! Not to mention the scent of yummy homecooked food when you walk in the door , well for me , there is not a better scent!

Another reason for quick healthy food allows more time to do fun things for you!  Like fencing!!! Yes, I have taken up fencing! Time to do those things on my bucket list!

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