Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall is coming!

O.K. I know this is not about food, though with the cool weather coming in I start thinking about all the cozy meals I'll be making!
I just had to share this pretty fabric which will be used in my study  for covering fluffy down pillows. With this yummy paprika fabric this will be covering my window seat tucked away in this little nook!  Just as cozy as autumn food. It is going to be beautiful when it's finished!
I will be sure to take pictures of the finished product! Not to mention all of the talented hands that made it all come together!  One of whom is Heather from Life By Design Carolinas, just go to her blog,  as you can see at the beginning of my blog, just click on life by design and it'll take you right to it! She is A-mazing. Her talents are never ending!
Oh..... those beautiful leaves on the fabric are hand- embroidered, gorgeous!