Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I love all the things in this picture of what is to be!
Organic broccoli, carrots, spinach. The star of the dinner was lemon sole.
When I went to the fish market, I thought lemon sole was something that they did to it. The fish person told me it was called lemon sole because of the color of the sole. Hmmmmm..... I've been gone from New England too long I guess. And yes, we have fabulous fish in the south! Thanks to committed fisherpeople (gotta be politically correct, I guess) we DO have FRESH seafood!
Sooooooo.... that being said, I simply steamed the broccoli and the carrots, and wilted the spinach. The most wonderful of all was the poached fish, poached in white wine, garlic fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, salt & pepper, served on top of wilted spinach. I almost forgot, brown basmati rice to add to the pretty mix! So fresh and so easy .
As always put together in just a short amount of time. There were many different things to do with the veggies, but I wanted clean and simple! Our daughter, Sophia, said she "didn't mean to complain, but on a scale of 1-10 this was a 2 1/2 on her list." That was before dinner, she ate every bite!
The FYI is because I am NOT a photographer, the after pictures were not as pretty as the before!


  1. hi, thanks for visiting my blog! yes tea is very important to me. I try to drink at the very least 2 cups a day. Im in Greensboro but I am actually trying to move to Asheville in the fall for college. are you gluten-free?

  2. Oh, no, I am not gluten free! I adore all food. I adore cooking probably more than eating! For some reason, it looks as though I enjoy both equally!
    There is a wonderful GF restaurant in town, called Posana and though I have not been there yet, I heard nothing but great things about it!
    Hope you make it to Asheville, the best place ever!