Thursday, November 11, 2010

Earth Fare!

O.K! Those of you that know me, know that I am a foodie, I love reading about it , talking about it, and cooking it!  Most of all eating it! Crazy, maybe not, I love food shopping, even more than shoe shopping (although my husband would not believe that).
My absolute favorite market is Earth Fare in the Westgate shopping center. The customer service is unbelievable, couldn't be better, the endless choices, the freshness of it all. Ahhh.....
I never know when to go to my favorite department first or save the best for last.... yep , the cheese dept. Carrie, is magnificent in helping you pick the absolute best combinations of cheeses to go on a cheese board, she has a solution for it all. The olive bar , now that's my kind of bar, is beautiful, one just wants to have a bit of everything. Needless to say we are so happy to have Earth Fare!
Did you see the Brie they were giving away, yes giving away this week? Of course you need your coupon! Simple! Thankyou Earth Fare!

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